Peaked Health has helped both me and @tailwheelacademy in ways we wouldn’t have thought possible.

I used to hate working out and never did it with purpose and always ended up hurting myself and ultimately hating anything fitness related.

Caryn and Dan showed me that fitness is not only fun, but it is effective and translates to every aspect of life from doing chores to working at my desk for hours, etc. Not feeling pain anymore while doing any daily mundane task is truly incredible and something I thought I just had to live with.

Additionally, Caryn made me feel so empowered - I could barely life 3lbs without hurting myself and now I look forward to lifting heavy weights and getting stronger.

We are so fortunate and grateful to have met Caryn and Dan. You are both truly inspiring, down to earth and genuinely passionate about what you do and truly invest in each and every person you train.

I wish everyone had a chance to train with Peaked Health and live a pain free life and realize how proper movement really matters.


How you move really does matter.

Too often, we try to push our limits (and that's okay!) but when you do so without knowing proper form that's when you get hurt. Dan & Caryn's inate ability to see and correct improper form, and even know when something isn't right even before you do, has allowed my wife and I to increase strength and stay injury free!

Training is a marathon, not a sprint, and good coaching will not only get you to the finish line, but do so feeling fit, healthy, and injury free!