Dan Rollo

Starting at a young age, being involved in team sports, endurance training and amateur boxing, I was immersed in the world of athleticism and fitness. For several years, my after school activity consisted of countless hours training at the Police Athletics League, followed by nightly rituals of long distance running. By the age of 16, I had already made the decision to pursue weight training and bodybuilding exclusively. Spending my entire weekends hanging out at the MuscleMag Intl. store in Sunrise, FL was a regular teenage experience for me. Being surrounded by seasoned coaches and trainers, bodybuilders, and a variety of healthcare advocates fueled my inspiration and thirst for knowledge. I consider myself fortunate to have had those opportunities to establish that rapport from such an early age. This is where many of the invaluable relationships within the industry originated and remain strong to this day.

As my passion for bodybuilding continued to develop, so did my desire to evolve not just as an individual, but as a health and fitness professional who could ultimately help others to achieve their own fitness goals. Knowing that, I began my journey. Understanding that there are so many elements involved I continued to further my knowledge and skills within the health and fitness fields, immersing myself in all things wellness. Simultaneously, I pursued my education in Emergency Medical Services, (EMT/Paramedic), which provided me with an even deeper scientific understanding of human anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and acute injury care. However, my education did not stop there. I have been training clients for 15 years, and am a certified Personal Trainer. I consider learning to be a life-long process, and aim to incorporate skill development through continuing my education while upholding and furthering my credentials.

I have experience in many sides of the industry including: working in health and fitness retail, fitness modeling, consulting in dietary supplements and nutritional support, product development/workout design and publishing for GNC, coaching competitive bodybuilding and physique athletes, and of course participating in bodybuilding competitions myself, (having turned professional in the IFBB in 2019).